Excuse me Gaga but isn’t your vagina closed?!

9 Aug

When we go on our happy hols we’ll admit, pulling the barman is always a bonus. Double points for DJ’s, minus points for door staff. So we were chuffed to hear the news of Gaga’s poolside frolick with none other than a trusty bar man! Despite her recent claims:

“I’m quite celibate now; I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina…”

While his side of the kiss may be one of the least erotic things we have ever seen, obviously barman attraction is not exclusive to us mere mortals as Lady G has kindly demonstrated.

However, before we get all over excited, this particular barman happens to be Gaga’s ex, Luc Carl. The pair dated five years ago, shortly before the Poker Face star’s rise to fame.

The interesting looking chap is said to have been the inspiration behind the album The Fame, with Bad Romance detailing their on-off relationship.

Now, we have listened to that song. And it don’t sound like an ideal romance. Maybe Lady G needs to keep to her word and shut that vagina before Luc steals more than just her ‘creativity’.


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