7 Aug

Former tart Robbie Williams is getting married to American actress Ayda Field today after being together for three years. Robbie has finally realised ‘she’s the one’ (lame) and is now finally ready to settle at the age of 36.

The pair are said to be walking down the aisle on some sort of posh island called Santa Catalina in a ‘private’ ceremony which none of us are invited to. A pal of the couple has said:

“They have tried to keep the guest list for the wedding as small as possible and have revealed only scant detail of the ceremony to the lucky few who are invited.”

Wonder if Robbie new best buddy bosom chum Gary Barlow is invited? Let’s hope Mark Owen’s invite got lost in the post for the sake of the bridesmaids…

Back to the happy couple – Robbie describes Ayda as hisswiss army knife” because “she can do anything” and before your dirty minds begin to wander he gave the example of: if anything goes wrong with DVDs, computers or anything like that, she fixes them straight away”.

Now that’s marriage material!

But don’t let Robbie’s romantic side fool you. He’s no fool and Adya is to sign a stringent pre-nup agreement to ‘offer him protection’. (lame).



  1. simon hopkins August 7, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    not really worth a comment

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