Trouble at X FACTOR boot camp!

7 Aug

You might want to choose to ignore the following information but it seems that the X Factor IS one big fat fix.

Some will claim they knew this all along and have been outsmarting the Dark Lord Cowell for some time. The same people who hate Jedward, feign disinterest and then watch the show on iPlayer under the duvet.But hard evidence has now arrived: In the form of a bit of hassle from girl-band Husstle (it’s them that can’t spell, not us).

All hell broke loose when the semi literate foursome swanned around the boot camp stages of the competition claiming to other contestants they have a guaranteed place in the live finals, claiming that their manager Spike Dawbarn had made a deal with Simon Cowell to ensure they moved past the judges’ homes rounds.

Spike being only Spike of blimmin’ 911 fame! No suprise that Si would be swayed by such an influential music mogul such as old Bodyshakin’ Spike!

A source told The Sun: ‘This girl was boasting and winding everyone up about it, so when one of them said they were told they’d be in the final line-up it all kicked off.’ Things got so bad the shows producers were forced to step in.

This raised questions over the girls claims. Of course the Dark Lord’s PR pack have declined everything but we found this on Facebook. A message between two other boot camp contestants:

watch out 4 husstle, already been told their through to the live shows (cus stacey got offered a record deal so x factor guranteed it to them) xxx

Stacey is a member of Husstle along with Glamour model Sam Grierson, 25, who originally auditioned with girl band Dice, was moved into Hustle and joins Carol Mounsey, 29, Jessica Kozi, 25, and Alannah Maggs, 18 in the band.

Sounds fishy to us… But these claims have highlighted what a bunch of dimbos this Husstle lot are as they are now sure to be given the boot for opening their big gobs. No one dicks around with the Dark Lord. Just ask Steve Brookstein.


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