When Merry met Megan

6 Aug

How the blooming ‘eck did this come about? Here we have Dominic Monaghan (Charlie off lost/ former hobbit) meet the opportunity to roll around on MEGAN FOX in an EMINEM video for single I Love The Way You Lie which also features RIHANNA.

Prepostorous. We can imagine that meeting. ‘Charlie off lost – would you like to snog Megan Fox?’. Charlie off Lost: ‘Well, I will have to think about that actually’.

Honestly though, Dominic Monobrow has come out and said:

“It’s fine, it’s work. She’s married. I have a lot of respect for marriage.”

Excellent morals and all that but WORK is 5 pound 90 an hour shelling peas or other boredom based monotony. SNOGGING FOXY is not this.

She really is a gorgeous creature. And he really still looks like a hobbit. An ungrateful hobbit!

The vid is supposedly portraying one of the great 21st century love stories: that of Eminem and Kim. Dom is Em and Megan, Kim.

To prepare for the role Dominic ‘walked around topless, insisted that Megan called him Slim Shady on the set – one of Eminem’s stage names – and listened to some of the rapper’s albums to get into the right frame of mind.’ Cripes.

As you can imagine, the vid is a right old jolly knees up, just as we have come to expect from Eminem. This time no one ends up tied up in the boot, but you can expect some domestic violence and mirror punching.

Crap. We spoke too soon. Does anyone else now fancy the hobbit?!


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