Lindsay Lohan faces rejection: from the shoulders down.

5 Aug

Fashion has officially gone mad. Before popping off for a spell in the nick Linds had just enough time to indulge herself in some added controversy.

The actress appears in Marc Ecko’s new ‘Muse’ campaign. Well sort of. Only it was decided her body wasn’t quite up to scratch so superimposed her head on a leggier model.

Ecko claims Lindsay’s role was to act as inspiration — not to actually pose. Even though Lindsay did pose, but only from the neck up.

“A muse has the ability to inspire the artist to create in ways they wouldn’t otherwise contemplate,”

His luvie bullshit then gave him no problems shoving Lindsay’s head a top an ‘inspired’ svelte double.

This coincides with claims that Lindsay would only eat the sealed ‘Jello’ inside her cell. Fellow inmate Cheryl Prezzer said:  “She wouldn’t touch any of the other food and looked pretty weak by the time she left.”

If someone superimposed our heads onto a more ‘favourable’ figure we too would possibly opt for a 14 day jelly diet…


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