Ashlee ‘Simpson-Wentz’: Anyone still finding that weird?!

2 Aug

Here there are a number of oddities and points of interest to draw upon:

1. Does anyone else STILL find it strange that Ashlee Simpson and him off Fallout Boy actually ended up getting hitched and sprogged up? We were so cynical back in the day.

2. That AshLEE’s ever beautiful figure bore a child in the first place and shows no sign of this. Prompting us to think maybe it was in fact sister Jessica Simpson who gave birth, judging by recent photos.

3. The pair named their first born Bronx Mowgli – clearly highlighting an immature approach to reproduction. Full name of child: Bronx Mowgli Simpson-Wentz.

Worringly, Pete off Fallout Boy has admitted the couple would love to have another child.

He said: ‘We are very lucky and hope to have another child at some point”.

What names are in store for the next addition: Baloo the Bear London Eye Simpson Wentz?

Thank the good lord for instant street cred due to the MILF and ‘rockstar’ parent combination or poor Bronx Mowgs and Balo the Bear could face a tough time at registration.

However, if things are still tough there is always deed poll. Just as Zowie Bowie found out.


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