Excuse me GIRLS ALOUD…you might want to check over that contract…

31 Jul

Rumours are rife that Girls Aloud may be down a member by the time they release their sixth studio album.

Whilst this news is mildly concerning we can’t say we are overly shocked. It’s been clear for a time that Nadine Coyle is a bit of a problem child in the Girls Aloud camp. 

Flitting off to LA, ignoring poor Chezza in her countless times of need, maintaining grandiose illusions of a ‘solo career’. All whilst impersonating an underweight stick insect and dating him off Despo Housewives.

However Nads has rubbished these claims and insisted she will be back for the upcoming reunion. To the tune of ‘I LOVE these bitches, we are BFFs fo life!’.

Hmmm you might want to take a peak at the small print in the Girls Aloud contract before believing Nadine’s cuddly claims.

For it seems Nadine is rather contractually obliged to stick with her band mates as they have signed a six album deal which includes the clause FIVE members must be present.

Blimey… that will be one frosty recording studio…

Bear in mind. Nadine has a rather questionable record when it comes to the truth. After being caught weighing her steamed fish and sending half back in a restaurant the star came out with this blinder:

“My big weakness is potatoes, I love them mashed or baked. When I get back to Derry I always enjoy a good fry-up that my mum makes. That’s my big weakness. I also eat too much chocolate as well. If I’m honest I’m not a particularly healthy eater.”

Well at least that last line is probably true. But we just can’t trust a bird who carries scales in her handbag…


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