X Factor’s Joe McElderry is….GAY!!!

30 Jul

Yes the time has come for little X Factor Joe to come out. It should be a shocker but let’s just admit our denial. 

Ever since the singer, now 19, first appeared on X Factor, there’s been speculation about his sexuality, basically we all knew it…except for the poor lad himself. 

“Every time I’ve been asked it, I have always given honest answers. I always have,” he said.

“And I kind of wasn’t attracted to anyone anyway, male or female. It never really entered my head I was gay.  But now, in the past couple of months, at this point in time, this is who I am. I’m still only 19 but I have had time to think and understand what I am about. I’m single, I’ve not had a relationship with a boy, but I just know. It’s how I feel.”

“I’m in the public eye now, it’s part of my job, and although I don’t have to do this – come out publicly – I feel it is right for me. I’ve always been an honest person and I simply want to be honest. Weirdly, the Twitter thing actually helped because when it happened I realised I wasn’t actually that bothered, and it was then the penny dropped.”

(A pesky hacker outed Joe on Twitter. The twit.)

Penny dropped for us after that Journey performance TBH but nonetheless thanks for the confirmation!

He went on “I am definitely single but I am open to the idea of having a boyfriend if Mr Right came along. But I’m young and so, so busy with work, so it isn’t a priority but of course it would be lovely to meet somebody.”

We wish lil Joe the best of luck finding a nice young chap to bomb around with. Until then he can be our gay best friend any day!


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