ALEX BURKE makes us VERY jealous!

30 Jul

Ok – she won the X Factor and has thighs that could crack a coconut. Enough to make us a tad jealous.

But now it’s been revealed that old Burkey has been getting rather close with DANNY CIPRIANI – no1 man hunk who gave Kelly Brook the chuck! ENVY doesn’t even come close. 

The pair were spotted in the VIP section of London nightclub Chinawhite on Wednesday night.

A spokesman for event organisers Londonparties said: “They were laughing and giggling all night and it was obvious where it was going to end.

“They did some grinding on the dance floor before returning to their table – and that’s when Alexandra made her move. She pulled Danny off the sofa and gave him a full-on snog.”

Wow. Certainly the keen opportunist. Grinding? A for effort! 

Burke tweeted later that night: “Hmm life is sweet! Life is such a flirt!”

Cipriani was spotted on a couple of dates with Lindsay Lohan earlier this month but there’s nothing like a spell in the nick to dampen a romance.


One Response to “ALEX BURKE makes us VERY jealous!”

  1. FB August 6, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    He is a nancy boy!

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