From the ‘Too Good To Be True’ Files.

28 Jul

Kelly Brook anticipates being ‘old’ and ‘grey’ (as if she’ll ever let that happen – she’ll be wearing a bleached blonde wig and on her 5th facelift before she ever shows any signs of age). Says Kelly:

“I love Playboy, I think it’s such an iconic brand. I was able to produce an amazing photoshoot that I know when I’m old and grey, I can look back on and go, oh my God, that was me when people were interested in seeing me scantily clad.”

The quote is from an interview in which the celebrated chameleon-like master actress defends her ‘choice’ to wear bikinis in all her films. She elaborates:

“If people want to cast me in roles for my body or how I look, I’m just going to embrace that because that’s not going to be the case forever. It doesn’t make me any less important than anyone else in the movie just because I’m in a bikini. That’s just the role I play. It’s as much a part of the story as the piranhas and everything else.”

So is she equating her acting skills with those of the film’s CGI 3D piranhas?! Well that shows a shockingly high level of self-awareness. Kudos Kel.


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