Rihanna the Serious Hactress!

27 Jul

News has reached us that genuinely incredible alien popstar, Rihanna, has been cast in a starring role in new movie Battleship, set for release in May 2012.

The film, which will reportedly be based on the board game (yes, really!) involves a fleet of ships encountering a mysterious alien presence. No prizes for guessing who Riri will play… that’s right, THE ALIEN QUEEN REEHAANNI OF PLANET KEELYOASSS (no we’re only speculating).

This news doesn’t come as any sort of surprise to us. Most popstars have a stab at acting, whether it’s a shameless bid for awards and credibility (Madonna, Beyoncé, Mariah) or the desperate career move of someone who has no other choices (Tiffany, Debbie Gibson).

Whether Rihanna will be successful or not is another question entirely. For every Cher, or Björk, who actually win awards for their Thespian chops, there’s a Britney Spears, whose 2002 turn in Crossroads was so badly received she hasn’t acted since.

Only time will tell!


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