Paris Hilton clearly not feeling attention-starved in any way, shape or form…

27 Jul

Paris Hilton has practically faded from public view, not because she’s opted to live the life of a recluse, Kate Bush-style, far from the prying paparazzi lenses and desperately clamouring fans. No. Paris Hilton has faded from public view because nobody cares anymore. We mean, really? The finger of fame is fickle even where talent is involved but NOTORIOUSLY fickle where no talent is involved whatsoever. So it was only a matter of time.

Do you remember 2007? It feels like yesterday but it was actually 3 years ago. That’s 20 years in celeb terms. Well, back then Paris was all the rage and her much-publicised short-lived jail term caused perhaps even more publicity than Lindsay Lohan’s current one. Nowadays Paris can’t even get people to tune into her ITV2 reality TV show (did anybody watch that – other than us, of course?).

So, in pursuit of the attention she used to enjoy simply for walking 100 metres in unfathomably large sunglasses and an almost comically dreadful/skimpy ensemble, Ms. Hilton has seemingly embarked on a series increasingly shameless antics. First there was the news of her ‘arrest’ (she was let go almost immediately) for possessing marijuana. Now: a photo that ALLEGEDLY shows her performing a ‘Nazi salute’, the silly, silly girl. Her rep has claimed she was simply dancing and scratching her face at the same time.

You’ll have to make up your own mind. Below, is a picture of the famed(?) heiress wearing what looks strangely like an elaborate leopard print garlic press.


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