Lindsay’s great escape?

25 Jul

Lindsay Lohan may escape jail early, but not due to a rigorously planned high-octane prison break, but instead her hardworking lawyers.

According to potentially reliable sources, the judge granted her an extra 2 days shaved off her already severely shrunken original 90-day sentence.

That means that she would only serve a total of 12 days, surely not enough time to usurp the prison’s queen bee in a covert power struggle that results in a bus accident, a performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” and a thrilling final act involving a maths competition?

These two days have allegedly been granted due to time Lilo previously spent in custody, but according to sources, her attorney is trying to get her out even sooner (as soon as this weekend). That can’t be enough time for Lindsay to become a changed woman.

If she’s serious about turning her life around she should go for gold and serve the full 90 days, followed by a harrowing tell-all book detailing her time ‘inside’. It would be riveting, we would certainly read.


One Response to “Lindsay’s great escape?”

  1. amykristina July 25, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    I adore this blog alot

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