Kelly Brook in danger of winning Oscar for new film…

24 Jul

As anybody with any sort of access to any area of the internet might be aware, something called Comic Con is going on at the moment. It’s not something that personally interests us but if it’s up your street, yipee for you. Kelly Brook, one of England’s finest exports (ahem), is there currently, promoting her new film Piranha 3D, a sure-to-be award-winning film due out this summer.

In it she shares a steamy (salty?) underwater kiss with her co-star (pictured with her, left), porn star, Riley Steele. It is a scene that will doubtless play forever on repeat in the heads of teenage boys everywhere and scoop a special Commemorative Razzie Award for Most Gratuitous Faux Lesbo Scene in a film, if anybody cares enough to even remember it.

Kelly is certainly looking radiant (if desperate) as she always does. Below, a snap of the sundrenched orange dress she changed into for a sneak preview screening. You know, in certain areas of Liverpool that particular shade of orange is known as ‘nude’.


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