Shakira: shameless show off.

23 Jul

Critically acclaimed Colombian popstar, Shakira, decided the Ibizan scrubland could do with a flash of her crotch in a recent photoshoot (insert lame “Hips Don’t Lie”-based pun here). Her flowing, fluttering, fuchsia skirt (reportedly 7 feet long) gracefully lifted itself up in order that the rest of the world could be blessed by the 33 year old’s golden loins.

Shakira is currently inhabiting the no-man’s-land between major label international popstar albums and has awards ceremonies and high profile live performances booked, including a global tour that takes in London’s O2 arena. But she is also at work on her next album, a bilingual effort (that’s ‘bilingual’, not ‘bisexual’ for those of you whose spectacles have steamed up as you drool on yourselves) will be released in September and is called Sale el Sol (please don’t ask us to translate that).

Below the respected political activist pauses, pulling a pained smile – presumably the impracticality of her outfit has just dawned on her.


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