Jedward: meet your BIGGEST FANS!

19 Jul

Firstly: HAHAHA. Amazing.

Secondly: we understand we must stand up for feminism blah blah and it’s likely they are lovely kind intelligent young ladies. The right look of farmer’s stock and the left just dropped in from the library. Maybe anyway…

But could it be that these two are just about the least sexy topless women ever? Yes, it doesent help that they have gremlin twins Jedward plastered across their nipples but still…

Just WHO wakes up in the morning and thinks

‘Hmmm what could we do today? Not much on telly. I KNOW let’s emblazon JEDWARD across our breasts! That will be a sure fire laugh!’

The two were out to greet Jedward and what else is unsure. Whatever their mission we do not like this peculiar pair and demand they pull up their blouses immediately. Poor Jedward, what a fright!


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