RONALDO: ‘you, me, f***, f***’

18 Jul

We knew something was fishy with all this surrogate hush hush business. And now it has been revealed that was indeed a load of tosh.

In fact, the mother of Ronaldo’s son is an American one night stand who has been paid $10 million for her silence. She will also not meet the child until its 18th birthday.

A mate of the lovely lady said that Ron swaggered up to the waitress in a restaurant and said

‘you, me, f***, f***’ and when she didn’t understand what he meant, he drew a heart in condensation on a window and said ‘me, you, kiss’.

What a gent. Naturally, she was wooed by such charms and POOF little Cristiano was created!

It has been reported that Ronaldo has (brilliantly) said: “I feel like Boris Becker” – a fellow man slag who fathered a love-child after having sex just once in a London restaurant – which cost him £20m. At least Ron’s was half price in comparison.


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