Yay! Finally we can all look like Kelly! GRIN!

16 Jul

Filling in time between choosing her next bikini and the much anticipated release of Piranha 3D, in which Kelly proves she is a ‘serious actress’ in a very demanding role (trailer evidence to follow) Kelly showcases her latest project: showing women that they too can look as FAB as she does.

But that is really all she does do. 

Anyway today Kelly was out and about with a tribe of ‘real’ women, castaways from the land of ‘Coleen’s Real Women’, promoting an elastic band type thing off Reebok which promises to make us ALL look like Kelly.

The band is part of the JUKARI Fit to Flex regime which involves a mixture of yoga, pilates and dance AND A KELLY GRIN, which tones and sculpts the body and increases flexibility and suppleness. 


One Response to “Yay! Finally we can all look like Kelly! GRIN!”

  1. talia July 16, 2010 at 7:26 pm #

    haha this is almost as bad as human centipede man!! x

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