16 Jul

HOLY SHIT MOTHER OF TROUT POUT! This is just too hilarious. Talk about making our day! It’s as comical as it is offensive. Reminiscent of a hen night kareoke session with added auto tune and PVC.

And on GMTV of all media platforms! GOOD MORNING TV?! Hardly. Enough to bring up your cornflakes.

For anyone dim enough to miss the spectacular mime Katie was kind enough to continue mouthing the words even after the track had ended. 

However to fall upon words far wiser than our own, some keen eared brain box did manage to perfectly summarise the performance on YouTube:

‘She’s honestly better than Cheryl Cole’ – HONESTLY. MrSistaSista we salute you!

What’s that? It’s stuck in your head? Ears across the UK are burning!


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