15 Jul

So the rumours are true: Robbie is making a return to Take That. The band is back to the glorious original line up. Take That can finally welcome back their ‘bad boy’ even though naughty Mark Owen did do his best filling in.

While we are very excited our joy is being interupted by a bit of a niggle. 

“‘I get embarrassingly excited when the five of us are in a room. It feels like coming home,” Robbie has said.

Which is contrasting with some of his less than complimentary comments made when he was incredibly sucessful and Take That were yet to make there super man band come back.  

Robbie has waited for his sucess to dwindle before jumping back into Take That, refusing a reunion until the band had achieved stratospheric success. 

After a ten year slag match it’s not easy to buy into a few months of cloying chumminess. 

It’s almost a dead cert that Take That’s legion of die hard fans won’t agree and we now will have to fight off an army of thirty something women with PMS (scary).

We WANT to be joyous, we really do, but there’s just that pesky niggle…


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