Thanks, but no thanks Katie

13 Jul

Watch out Cheryl Katie Price is eyeing up your X Factor seat. Jordan has revealed that she would readily step in and judge the talent show.

Cheryl is probably quaking in her tiny boots considering Katie’s expertise in the area of talent and in particular, singing.

That eurovision performance will forever hold a fond place in our hearts.

Highlighting an astonishing new height of self delusion Katie said on Sky News:

“I think everyone wants to be a judge on that show. Simon knows where I am.”

“I’m honest but some people will say: “Why’s she doing it? What’s she got to do with it? Blah, blah. But I’ve still got ears and can still hear things and can see looks.”

On the contary, most would rather they didn’t have ears the minute she opens her gob and would dispute the idea she knows good looks ever since she ‘married’ caulliflower ear meat head man child Alex Reid.

She also admitted that her honeymoon was just for the cameras and that she was “a product”. Just like in a fairytale….

Katie is currently performing at various crap nightclubs in a bid to promote her ‘single’ ‘Free to Love Again’ which is currently riding high at  number 51 in the charts.

Let’s hope Dark Lord Cowell has his ears open and doesn’t miss out on this ultimate opportunity.


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