11 Jul

If you are going to have a music festival in glorious Scotland you may as well resign it to rain and pop up a nice marquee. Organisers of T in the Park are yet to realise this inevitablity and so here are the highlights in glorious patchy rain flurries:

Festy regulars Muse headlined along with Eminem and Kasabian. Other acts included Paolo Nutini,  Jay-Z and Prodigy.

The real entertainment being what these three had to talk about backstage.

It was Eminem’s first European performance since releasing anything worth remembering in 2005.

However, poor lil Em didn’t want to muddy his booties so was 30 minutes late for his set as he refused to walk from the bus to the stage.

They do say the sun shines on the righteous and the skies remained grey for the entirety of Eminem’s similarly dull set.

Upon hearing a positive response from the crowd Em questioned;

“How many people you think out there are high tonight?”

Quite a few considering the tumultuous applause.

On another note: vuvuzelas were banned. The fear was they may ‘upset’ the musicians. They have a point: plastic horns can be very offensive…


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