Lindsay Lohan’s fingernail has it’s five minutes

7 Jul

Like we need any more hard evidence that Lindsay Lohan is not all there. Nevertheless she has, as ever, provided!

Yesterday the actress was setenced to 90 days in the clink  for repeatedly failing to comply with the terms of her probation.

For example failing to attend her alcohol education classes. A class Lindsay could probably teach considering her vast experience in the area of alcohol and wasterdom.

The judge said Lindsay had also lied when a white substance was found in her trousers, claiming they belonged to someone else.  She later tested positive for cocaine after the arrest, and declared the trousers ‘her favourite pants’.

Linds had a good crack at every girls guaranteed get out and squeezed out a few tears. To no avail! The judge was having none of that nonsense and sent her straight to the nick.

Lindsay then came out with this corker: ‘I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you.’ she said to the judge.

Fair enough, I’m sure.

Until it was revealed she had inked ‘fuck you’ onto her fingernail which she frequently pressed to her lips and cheek during Tuesday’s hearing.


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