4 Jul

Essentially : They came. They sang. They left.

Most importantly here are the pics!

Gremlin twins John and Edward’s performance ended in an ambulance being called after Edward threw one energetic shape too many and took a tumble for the worse.

JLS also performed and later tweeted :  ‘BIG RESPECT to JEDWARD. 1 of them broke their ankle on stage & still carried on till the end! Say wat u want but that’s a performer.’

See – its not just us who can’t tell the two apart.

Perfect Pixie Lott showed off her flexibility and subsequently her gusset.

While, Alexandra Burke gave fans a fantastic rear view.

The Saturdays also performed, surprisingly Una was wearing her top. Which is more than can be said for her appearance in today’s News of the World. (It’s always the quiet ones). The band was down a member since Mollie King is poorly after being bitten by a horsefly.



  1. Judith July 7, 2010 at 9:45 pm #

    What I love is the pervy uncle look on the face of the keyboard player for Pixie Lott, he looks very smug for having that job. Oh and that picture of Jedward made me laugh a lot, thank you.

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