Frank and Christine’s big bucks hol

3 Jul

We have been long attempting to ignore the daily assault of Bleakley/Lampard Sardinia holiday snaps this week. Deciding they are just too nauseating for public consumption.

However this quote from Christine has changed things:

‘I have made the acquaintance of Darryn Lyons over the last year, the now famous Aussie paparazzi bloke,’

‘He was extolling the virtues of the set-up pap shot…He gets the shot and the person in it looks like they want to look. How pathetic, I thought at the time. . . but never say never.

‘Put it this way: if you see me looking anything like flawless on a beach it will have been set up, a long time in the planning. . . and the subject of diligent airbrushing supervised by my good self.’

If this is the case, the pair will also receive a rather large cheque at the end of their all expenses paid trip.

Christine has just accepted £4m to dump the BBC like a bag of cold sick for ITV.

While, national let down, Fat Frank gets an inconceivable £100,000 plus a week for being a seemingly average footballer.

It’s just shamelessly greedy.


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