Paris is carrying some serious baggage

1 Jul

“All Packed and Ready for The World Cup! So excited!”

Paris tweeted before jetting off to South Africa to watch a little footie at the World Cup. If we don’t understand the offside rule it’s doubtful she will. But she’s  off nevertheless.

Welcome to this strange world of Paris Hilton and her idea of light packing.

Obviously a girl that has never had to contend with the easyjet weight restrictions OR carry her own luggage.

In fact, could anyone carry this lot? What the bloomin eck has she got in there? The whole Portugese football team? We all know she has a soft spot for Ronnie Ronaldo.

This is simply ridiculous. It would take a week to unpack, she’s probably got someone in there to unpack when they arrive. There’s certainly enough space.

No one could ever ever need that much stuff.

(…hope this twitpic wasn’t a joke or we feel really silly right now…!)



Oh what we would give to chuck Paz on a Ryanair flight to Austrailia.


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