Kylie Minogue sets the trend for long distance lorry driver chic

30 Jun

Cor Blimey what a difference a few days can make.

On Saturday Kylie showed us what a godess like creature she is at Glasto.

Never did we expect her to morph into a a tatooed biker hag/ long distance lorry driver in such record speed!

But be relieved children – this look is only for Kylie’s new film Jack and Diane. She was merely getting into character!

Although, we can’t help (cos we are mean) but look beyond the horror tats and note that our Kyles mug and frazzled locks are looking closer to her 42 years.

Kylie has spoken before about her ambitions to get back into acting

“As a ‘pop star,’ I’ve created this world for myself, and it becomes very natural to stay inside of it, but I’d love to do some independent films.”

“It’s still very early, but I’m in the process of choosing between specific parts.”

She ended up choosing this glam looking role in a film billed billed as a lesbian werewolf drama. Lovely.

Click pic to enlarge


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