N Dubz turds rev up on JLS

26 Jun

Here’s a pondering thought for the weekend – were JLS and N Dubz to get in a big ol’ scuff, who would win?

Place your bets as it seems that Marv and co in JLS are feeling a little more than miffed with the Dubz.

Apparently, the one from N Dubz who isn’t Dappy or a girl (and thus, we no longer care as much) has had a pop at Marv by dragging his ladyfriend Rochelle off the Saturdays into their spat!

‘Fazer’, as he is known to his friends, has been amorously commenting about his admiration for Rochelle and Marv ‘aint happy!

“She’s hot. The things I’d like to do with her on a Saturday, you know what I’m saying?”

Now this rubbed Marv right up the wrong way prompting him to pipe up :

“They’ve gone too far this time. We’ve got to get them back. We’ve put up with their nonsense for far too long.”

Previous to this Dippy Dappy had to go get all involved with more nonsense accusing JLS of miming and heckling them whilst they warmed up for a gig at the MOBOs.

Dappy also has previously criticised JLS for being a manufactured X Factor band. He had a little outburst at The Brits when JLS were nominated and Dubz were scorned.

We really wish Dippy Dappy would shut his puggish face (and ‘Fazer’ whoever he is).

Anyone famed for a floppy beanie hat is not much of a threat.


One Response to “N Dubz turds rev up on JLS”

  1. lorraine June 26, 2010 at 9:48 am #

    oh god NDUBZ need to back off they r shite compared to JLS gooooooooooooooo Marv lol how rude, saying things like that about his missus omg!

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