26 Jun

Glastonbury was rather pleased to see a certain Kylie Minogue make her Glasto debut this afternoon.

Kylie, a Glasto virgin since pulling out in 2005, was grinning from ear to ear throughout her set and seemed thrilled to be back on form.

She performed her single, All The Lovers with the recently back from the dead Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, who co-wrote her new album Aphrodite.

‘It’s how I connect with people, that’s what I really wanted to do, get back on stage.’ she had said earlier. (Luvvi speak for ‘I like a sing song’.)

Kelly Osbourne, Emma Watson, Pixie Geldof, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have all been spotted. (Strictly confined to the VIP area of course.)

Kate Hudson is here supporting new boyf Matt Bellamy off Muse, duh! (Just how and when did that happen?!)

With the footie looming, The Lightning Seeds naturally prompted a mass singalong of ‘football’s coming home’ during their hit Three Lions.

As if it wasn’t hot enough today, Shakira then gave a performance guaranteed to make you and your granny blush.

(It’s still unsure if her hips don’t lie but is pretty certain they don’t stay still.)

Shakira tweeted later today

‘70,000 people doing the She Wolf howl sounds pretty darn amazing. Awwuuuuuu!’


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