Kelly’s one woman protest

23 Jun

Kelly Brook deserves a gold star for her glorious 4 day – ‘I’m so over him’ – parade.

Kelly has grinned and gurned through four nightly trips to top London night spots since her split with Danny Cipriani. Thou dost protest too much?

‘Coincidently’ landing on Cipriani’s on night 2. Whatever PR chump came up with that deserves a round of applause.

So as kudos for all that effort, let’s give the poor thing what she wants…

Night 2!

Kelly looked so totally over Danny Cipriani and was glowing as she left top London nightclub Boujis last night. Spotted with this gorgeous Roger Fedderer look a like Kelly seems happy to party her troubles away!

Happy with that Kels?

Kelly’s unsuspecting male encounter was innocently attempting to get from A to B when Kelly and her pap parade stampeded across his path.

Responsible journalists at The Mail reported that he bared a ‘resembelence’ to Danny Cipriani.

I suppose they are both male.

'The pair looked very close'


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