‘BOB-GATE’ – Part 2

22 Jun

‘Bob-gate’ continues as Sadie remains Frosty (!) with Sienna.

(Unclear why? – scroll down to ‘It’s Sadie vs Sienna’)

The gloves have come firmly off as Sadie bans Ms Miller from attending daughter Iris’ (‘bob-gate’ victim) ballet recital this week. Ruthless. A source has said –

‘Jude was bringing Sienna to the recital to support Iris, but Sadie has had enough and put her foot down and said she could not come.’

‘Sadie is a great mum, she’s just had enough of someone else playing mum with her children.’

Doting stepmother Sienna clearly can’t take a hint and is now making plans for a summer wedding which includes having Iris as a bridesmaid and sons Rafferty, 13, and Rudy as best man and page boy.

The haircuts are yet to be discussed.


One Response to “‘BOB-GATE’ – Part 2”

  1. Kerri Dobson June 22, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    hahahahaha “haircuts yet to be discussed” brilliant!

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