Alex Reid to dance with Diversity

21 Jun

Alex Reid will reportedly take part in a dance routine with Diversity at his wedding to Katie Price.

The nations *ahem* favourite couple’s  new TV show is set to bag them a whopping £600k. It’s called ‘For Better or For Worse’. I am suspecting the latter.

So far the only ‘celebs’ to accept the invitation are fellow tangerine Michelle Heaton and Emma B. B standing for BOOOOOOOBS.

Davinia McCall and Sarah Harding, a bridesmaid at Katie’s nuptials to Peeda Andre, are amongst the celebs who were washing their hair that day.

Leaving our Katie all RSVPeeved! For £600k Katie needs some top class antics!

Putting Katie in a strange predicament – what attention grabbing publicity stunt is there possibly left to pull? A ha! A dancing cage fighter groom of course!

The bright sparks at ITV2 thought it was such a brilliant idea they are dedicating a whopping 3 shows to the pair. Although come to think of it… I probably will be tuning in…


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