Cameron Diaz – the filthy mare!

20 Jun

Brace yourself ladies. Cameron Diaz has revealed her rather shocking bedroom secrets!

In a rather *ahem* frank interview with Playboy magazine the 37 year old star admitted

‘I’m primal on an animalistic level, kind of like, “Bonk me over the head, throw me over your shoulder. You man, me woman”.

Easy tiger! But it doesn’t stop there! Gorgeous Cam went on to let slip even more intimate details

‘I love physical contact. I have to be touching my lover, like, always. It’s not optional,’

Even distance is no obstacle for Cameron!

‘I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten on a plane for love. I’m always travelling for c**k. You’ve got to go where it is,’ she admits.

Wow – new love Alex Rodriguez is one lucky man! But Cameron was keen to keep schtum about her relationship with the baseball star.‘No, no, no. I’ve been in relationships since I was 16 years old. In the past three years I’ve made a conscious decision not to be in a relationship for as long as I want,’

‘I’ve stayed away from all the traps out there for me to just fall into something that will potentially lead me down the same road… I want to have a relationship with myself right now.’

All this from the lady who has dated some of Hollywood’s finest, including Justin Timberlake, 29, Matt Dillon, 46, and Jared Leto, 38! And to think we thought she was all sweet and innocent…

Talk about giving Playboy readers what they want. Saucy minx!


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